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c670 drivers

hi, i have toshiba c670-149 and win 7 is lacking some drivers for it, i have attached pic so you can see witch devices have issues. Biggest problem so far: i can't turn on/off wireless with FN+F8


please help



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Re: c670 drivers





All your drivers are here. Identify what's needed this way.


   How to identify an unknown device (e.g. Wireless LAN module)?


If you need to come back here, tell us what this is all about. Did the computer come from Toshiba with preinstalled Windows? If so, which Windows? What bitness?


Then what did you do if anything? Don't withhold the details.

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Re: c670 drivers

Thanks a lot for the help, i found out witch devices were problematic i downloaded driver for them. u just spare a lot of my nerves.