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Windows 7 upgrade on a Portege M400

I'm trying to do it for a few days and I'm not able to make the OS see the HD. I've downloaded the mass storage controller from the support section and it doesn't work. It sees the 2 drivers but after it loads them still shows me no drives found message. What else can I do. I've tried with a new HD and it's the same, is there other driver that I need to install??

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Re: Windows 7 upgrade on a Portege M400

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I had success when I used the RAID driver from Toshiba. It is labeled as "RAID Utility HDD", dated 10-16-2009.

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Re: Windows 7 upgrade on a Portege M400

That model shouldn't need a Toshiba Supplied Driver to install Windows 7.  The Intel 945 chipset in it is fully supported under Windows 7 and no driver is necessary.  If it asks for a driver then the problem is your install disk is either dirty, scratched, smudged, corrupted, or damaged.  What is happening is the install routine can't read the drive file from the DVD drive.  If you downloaded it and burned it yourself you will need to try burning it again USING GOOD QUALITY BLANK DISKS, and Memowreck disks are NOT good quality (basically they are junk), preferably using DVD+R disks rather than -R disks.  Also try burning at the slowest possible speed.  If that doesn't help, try re-downloading the ISO file you used to create the disk.  If that doesn't help you need to try cleaning your DVD drive. 


If you purchased a retail or oem disk you should try it on a different computer to see if it works on it or not.  If it doesn't work on a different computer and you have checked to make sure it isn't dirty then you need to contact the place of purchase or Microsoft to get a replacement disk. 


If you don't post your COMPLETE model number it's very difficult to assist you. Please try to post in complete sentences with punctuation, capitals, and correct spelling. Toshiba does NOT provide any direct support in these forums. All support is User to User in their spare time.

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Re: Windows 7 upgrade on a Portege M400

The toshiba 'raid' drivers did not work for me.  However the one from softpedia (toshiba forum post containing link) did finally work for me.  Only after about 4 hours of digging thru drivers and trying different alternatives.  I have a M400-PPM40U.  The thing would not accept any bios changes, XP would never ask me for the raid driver (screen would go blank during text part of install!!) and every single M400 raid driver off this site would not load in 7 ultimate x64 (or x86).  Thought that the HD might have been bad but I wiped it in Killdisk and it seemed fine (if a little slow and small, 80g).  Finally got the softpedia one to load in ultimate x86. Was just about to give up on it too.. But now its working beautifully for a 6 yr old pc.  

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Re: Windows 7 upgrade on a Portege M400

rgrosz78 wrote:

I had success when I used the RAID driver from Toshiba. It is labeled as "RAID Utility HDD", dated 10-16-2009.

I can't fnd the tility you name.  The closest is "Toshiba RAID Utility for Windows XP" dated 10-16-2006.  Please provde the exact link