Touchpad utility in windows 7

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Touchpad utility in windows 7

Can I take it then that Toshiba are not providing a specific touchpad utility for those of us who have either bought new or upgraded to Windows 7?


I'm running Win Ultimate on an Equium U400-146 which works fine, but the touchpad is limited to the normal 'mouse' functions. The touchpad does respond to scrolling at the sides so all is not lost, but there are no facilities for adjusting sensitivity or pressure or eg the palm rest function to illiminate unwanted cursor movements.


If anybody knows different I would be delighted to hear from them or maybe it is possible to revert back to using a Vista driver? Who knows and certainly Toshiba do not appear to be making it abundantly clear as to what can and what cannot be done.


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Re: Touchpad utility in windows 7

I found this post

and it pointed me to the location to change a lot of the settings for the touchpad. I spent over an hour trying to figure out how to get there from the control panel. Stupid Windows 7.

Basically you have to click on the show more icons arrow in the task bar and then select Synaptics Pointing device.