Toshiba Satellite p755-s5120

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Toshiba Satellite p755-s5120

I am trying to look for drivers and downloads for my laptop but the toshiba satellite p755-s5120 is not anywhere to be found

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Re: Toshiba Satellite p755-s5120


Satellite P755-S5120 (PSAY1U-0DV026)


Apparently made for Walmart/Best Buy/Costco/Home Depot/..


All models in the same part-number family (PSAY1U in this case) are essentially the same. So downloads are basically the same.


That would include the following four models. Compare the specs. The last one has an i7 processor like yours. So it's probably the closest.


Satellite P755-S5215 (PSAY1U-011006)


Satellite P755-S5265 (PSAY1U-00V005)


Satellite P755-S5320 (PSAY1U-02K026)


Satellite P755-S5390 (PSAY1U-03W027)

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Re: Toshiba Satellite p755-s5120 Unexpected Shutdowns

I just got my laptop and I'm getting alot of errors "Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown".  I ignored the reviews on this and bought the laptop anyway.  Have you or anyone reading this forum experienced this problem also?