Toshiba Satellite L300 (PSLB9E-03F003EN) BIOS Problem

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Toshiba Satellite L300 (PSLB9E-03F003EN) BIOS Problem

Hello Everyone.

I have a Toshiba Satellite L300 (PSLB9E-03F003EN) laptop running Windows XP Professional (downgrade from Vista). Everything was running fine, until I stupidly updated the BIOS from version 1.80 to 2.10 and now my laptop wont work it wont get to the windows load up, it wont even go to safe mode or reinstall operating system. I know the issue is upgrading the bios from 1.80 to 2.10 but how can I if possible change back to 1.80 or how can I fix this problem. A free solution preferred but would appreciate knowing if I had to take it to a shop or what might need replacing if I can't change the bios. I don't know about the bios much but I know a fair amount on PC's

All help will be really appreciated.

Thank you in advance

The BIOS is a Insyde H2o that's all I know about the BIOS if you need more info on laptop I can give it to you.

Again please help and I appreciate all support and help I can get.

The BIOS Update Completed Successfully Without Crashing