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Satellite P775-S7320 CD/DVD driver required to install fresh Windows OS



I have just recieved a newish laptop (barely ever used) froma  abuddy of mine. It's a Toshiba Satellite P775-S7320 17". It has 6GB RAM, Core i7-2670QM, 750GB Hard Drive, and a Blu-Ray player.


My issue is that the machine has a Windows 7 Home Premium sticker on the bottom, however it was loaded with an un-genuine copy of Windows 7 Ultimate and Microsoft Windows Update put a time bomb on it obviously because it wasn't genuine. I personally have Windows 7 Enterprise with a Volume License Key.


I made a bootable .iso on USB flash drive and went to install Win7 Enterprise. I never make it to the HDD partition screen. In between the install now menu and the partition menu I get the following:


Load Driver

A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing. If you have a driver floppy disk, CD, DVD, or USB flash drive insert it now.



I have tried the drivers (extracting them from either the .zip file or from .exe) from the Toshiba website and multiple drivers from Intel's website as well. I have a few times had a few of the drivers pop up for me to actually select (usually it just says there are none compatible with my system) but they do not work.


I find it hard to beleive installing a fresh copy of Windows should be this difficult. I have consulted with the Toshiba Expert Group, Hardware Group, and the group of which you normally are supposed to pay in order to get support. All 3 of these tech support groups didn't know what to do or how to help me.