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Satellite A205 CD/DVD Drive not working

My A 205 Satellite laptop no longer recognises its CD/DVD drive.  Drive does not work, though it can be heard spinning when a disc is in it, and it does not show in My Computer.  I have been into the registry and removed the upper and lower filters, but the drive is still not reconised.  Can anyone help?  The same laptop also takes much longer to start-up than it used to - the start-up progress bar seems to stick at about 75% for a couple of minutes before proceeding and letting themachine start.  Machine is two years old and is running Windows Vista.  Suggestions appreciated.

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Re: Satellite A205 CD/DVD Drive not working

Is the drive detected in Device manager???

If it is.. check the error code if there is any... then try to download this , just follow the instructions for the Windows vista..


other way is.. loading the BIOS defaults..

how to do that?

shut your computer down.

restart it then press F2 to enter the BIOS.

Press F9 to load defaults..

Press F10 to save and exit.


check if the problem is fixed...


other way...

try the microsoft ATS


dont have anything else in mind right now...

*Read EULA before installing any software.
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Re: Satellite A205 CD/DVD Drive not working

Thanks Nicholai.  If I look in the Device Manager, I see 'Disk Drives' and then; Toshiba MK1637GSX ATA Device is that the DVD/CD drive or the hard disk?


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Re: Satellite A205 CD/DVD Drive not working

thats your hdd.  there should be one that says DVD/CD-ROM drives

Post all info about your laptop and version of windows. We are working on it but still do not have the powers to read your mind.
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Re: Satellite A205 CD/DVD Drive not working

I had a similar problem with my Toshiba, the problem i had was i used a bios mod and this for some reason played havok with the cd/dvd drive. One i restored the bios everything was fine

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Re: Satellite A205 CD/DVD Drive not working

The CD/DVD drive doesn't register - no sign of it anywhere.  How do I restore the Bios? Can you talk me through that?  Thanks.