SM Bus Controller driver for Satellite L755D=S5171

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SM Bus Controller driver for Satellite L755D=S5171

Hello community


I could sure use bit of help here if possible.  I have acquired the above mentioned laptop for my daughter via garage sale and had no recovery partition and/or recovery disks.  I have recreated the recovery partition using Paragon and a retail copy of Windows 7 64 HP but I have no drivers.  Toshiba's website is less than friendly and am unable to locate the chipset drivers which shows up as SM Bus Controller - I am guessing this is part of the onboard video (AMD Radeon HD 6470M), which I am also unable to get working.  My thoughts are that video will not work until missing chipset drivers are loaded and I can not find any chipset drivers on Toshiba website and have installed three advised display drivers per serial number per Toshiba url.


Any advise and/or working links would be greatly helpful.

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Re: SM Bus Controller driver for Satellite L755D=S5171


Satellite L755D-S5171



Best to restore the hard disk to its original out-of-the-box contents using Toshiba recovery media. All the drivers and utilities are properly preinstalled. Windows is preactivated.


You can obtain recovery discs from Toshiba. Scroll down to Get Recovery Media here .


For instructions, see the section Restoring from recovery DVDs/media, which begins on p. 76 of the User's Guide.


   Satellite/Satellite Pro L700 Series User’s Guide

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