Need DVD-ROM SD-R2512 Driver

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Need DVD-ROM SD-R2512 Driver

Where can I find this driver (DVD-ROM SD-R2512) on the Toshiba website to download it to my computer ?  My current one is corrupt.  Thank you.

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Re: Need DVD-ROM SD-R2512 Driver

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Try this Microsoft 'Fix-it' repair and see if it helps. Just click on the 'Run now' button in this article.


Your CD or DVD drive can't read or write media



Please let us know if it works.


If it does not work, we need your specific Toshiba model name/number like Satellite L630-BT2N13, and your model's part number like PSK00U-06L02X. Check the Toshiba label on the bottom of your laptop. Also we need your OS version like Windows 7 64bit. As well, what leads you to believe your DVD driver is corrupt? What do you see when you look in  'Device Manager - DVD/CDROM drives', is there a yellow marker, what is your device status?