Missing Driver For Video Controller

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Missing Driver For Video Controller

Hello Smiley Happy


Please bear with me as I am new to all this!


I have a Toshiba Laptop model no: M40X-189 of which I have upgraded from Windows xp to Windows 7 32bit Service pack 1  I also added extra 1.00 GB of memory.


I am not sure if I need any more info here for you to help me. Windows can't seem to find a driver for the video controller, and then states Hardware changes may have not been detected. I have tried Windows compatibility site and it brought me here. 


Please can you help? 


Many thanks in advance, and would you state in simple terms please. 


Warmest Regards



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Re: Missing Driver For Video Controller


Equium M40X-189 (PSM4ZE-006003AB)



Toshiba does not support Windows 7 on that model, Celina. So you won't find them here.


   Windows 7 upgrade: Toshiba Supported Laptop Models


You'll need to look elsewhere. Good luck.

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Re: Missing Driver For Video Controller

Hi Jerry


Thank you so much anyway.


Celina xx