HDD driver for Portege M400-S4031

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HDD driver for Portege M400-S4031

The general problem was, the DVD drive didn't work, but the CD part did. I tried a common fix by deleting the Upper and Lower filters from the registry (yes I do know my way around it), but the system didn't like it.


I had Win7 install but since Vista/Win7 are DVD installers, XP was my only choice, however the XP installer said there was no HDD to install on, even though the BIOS detects it. After some research I came accross the below link, which said something about a SATA controller not being native to XP. So following the provided steps I am attempting to create a fix for it, but I need the driver for the HDD before I can proceed. Then hopefully I will be able to install XP, find a fix for the non-working DVD part of the drive, then reinstall Vista or Win7.


Unless anyone can think of a better solution, this is my plan, BUT WHERE CAN I FIND THIS DRIVER!? It is not listed in the driver downloads.








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Re: HDD driver for Portege M400-S4031

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Portege M400-S4031 Specifications


Forgive me, because it is unclear to me at least from the above, did you actually try to boot off a Win 7 or Vista DVD?  If you did, and your DVD/CD drive will not recognize the boot DVD, then the DVD portion of your drive may well have failed. In which case, installing XP will do nothing to resolve this.


Do you have the latest BIOS v3.80 update installed? If not you should, and if your system still boots, or if you can create a boot CD BIOS update disk, you could try downloading this update and installing it to see if it has any affect on the DVD drive.


ACPI Flash BIOS version 3.80 for Portege M400


How to update the BIOS on Toshiba notebooks



If you already have this BIOS update, or if you can no longer boot into Windows or create a boot CD BIOS update disk, you could try a system reset and see this helps your DVD drive. Power off the unit, unplug everything including the AC from the laptop, remove the battery, press and hold down the power button for 30 seconds, replace the battery and AC, power on, at the Toshiba logo press 'F2' to enter BIOS Setup, in setup press 'F9' to load setup defaults, press 'F10' to save and exit, boot back into Windows, and/or try your DVD drive again.


If your DVD drive will still not recognize a known good boot DVD, I would say the DVD ability of the drive has failed. Your best bet then is to replace this drive.


Toshiba Portege M400 DVD drive


Toshiba Portege M400 Disassembly



Finally, you are correct about the SATA controller not being native to XP. However, even though your system originally came with a SATA HDD, and an option for Windows XP Tablet Edition OS, I cannot find the XP SATA drivers for your model family on the Toshiba USA, Australia, or Europe sites. The closest to a XP HDD driver they have is an XP RAID driver, but I am not sure this will work for your purpose.


Toshiba Portege M400-PPM40A XP-Drivers



But, I found this thread on the Toshiba Europe forum, with a link to this driver, purporting it to be "the one to slipstream into your XP and boot"


Please let us know what happens. Good luck.