Drivers to my Satellite L300

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Drivers to my Satellite L300

Well, i´ve search the whole net trying to find drivers for my L300, but it seams nearly hopeless.

Not even on Toshibas website is there any drivers to be found, only four models of the L300 is listed, and mine is not one of them.

My model no is PSLB0E-02D020N5, and like i said earlier L300.


I can hardly imagine my machine is that old, the drivers is not presented anymore.


Anyone knowing anything about this? Please share.


Best regards.

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Re: Drivers to my Satellite L300

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Your problem is because this site's downloads are for the Toshiba USA models only.  You have a European model, you might have better luck here:


Toshiba Europe downloads



Just fill in all the necessary information from the drop down menus on each field to find the drivers for your  and model OS version. You'll have to wait for the page to flash/reload, before you can put in your 'Short Model No': PSLB0E


Good luck.



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Re: Drivers to my Satellite L300

Hi Miker643,

I have tried your suggested way but still unable to find PSLB0E as L300 is not listed in L series.


Can you please advise?

Thanks a lot,