Drivers l45 sp2056 for Windows XP

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Drivers l45 sp2056 for Windows XP

Somebody has all drivers of the model l45 sp2056. I lost my CD and I had to format my notebook with another windows XP and I can't find the drivers. Does anyone has it? HELP PLEASE!!!
Thanks in advance

My mail is varatho @
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Alguien tendrá los drivers del modelo l45 sp2056. Perdí el cd y tuve que formatear mi notebook con otro windows xp y no puedo enocntrar los drivers. Alguien los tendrás? AYUDA PORFAVOR!!!

Gracias de antemano

mi mail es varatho @

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Re: Drivers l45 sp2056 for Windows XP


Satellite L45-SP2056 (PSL40U-04D00J)


I would return it to Windows Vista.


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