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Driver problem with Toshiba Satellite C660D-1C7

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Well, there is not really a /problem/, I'm sure everything is in order. The problem on other hand may just ne my knowledge. Right, tonight will be my first time operating on a Toshiba laptop. I'm currently planning on doing a clean install of Windows 7 on it and to do that I require the drivers for the laptop.


I've been on this website to look for my drivers:


When I enter the information required, including the operating system (WIndows 7 64-bit) I get a huge list of 34 drivers. Do I really have to download and install all 34 drivers listed? Before I've owned a Dell laptop (Alienware M11x R2) and it only contained around 13 drivers.


Enough speculation. I need urgent help with the drivers. I need soemone to take me under his/her wing and tell me which drivers that are required to download and install to run the laptop properly. I've never quite enjoyed utilities but, if there is a utility out there required to run the laptop as well, please send me to that one as well. Other than that, I'm only interested in drivers.


Thank you very much.


Edit: I'm writing here because my user is refusing to get accepted on Toshiba's EU support forum.