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Display driver for l35-2366

I have a Satellite L35-2366. After installing XP an locating drivers it worked fine. I now want to try Windows 7 which I clean installed. All is working well except the video. The display is using the Microsoft Standard VGA adapter (which is all it recognizes) although the specs say that  is a WXGA with an ATI Radeon Xpress 200m chipset. I have tried installing all of the drivers from both ATI and Toshiba with no luck.

The ATI drivers install and nothing happens or else I get a message saying that there is no compatible ATI device available.

I thought that if I did a recovery from the recovery partition that I might find the remedy, but I can not find any instructions for using the recovery partition.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: Display driver for l35-2366

Windows 7 may not recognize an old card, thus the default, try through Device Manager, deinstall the Display Device, reboot and allow new Hardware Wizard to reinstall the driver.  Also, try the manuf's site to learn if they will offer a Windows 7 driver or a generic one?