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DVD drive doesn't recognize DVD's and will not burn A205-S5800

I have a satellite A205-S5800 I recently upgraded from Vista Business to Windows 7 Pro. I used a 8GB flash drive to upgrade, I had to do a clean install and afterwards my DVD drive will not recognize DVD's or CD's inserted into the drive auto-play will not open. I have tried burning items to the disk but the disk is empty when it is finished. I have tried numerous options can't use recovery disks because DVD will not read it can't transfer to flash. When I open Computer it doesn't even show as DVD it now shows CD. I have done all the help topics like remove upper and lower class filters that doesn't work either I have tried uninstall drivers no luck I have tried unistall DVD drive and install again did not work. My computer is only 2yrs old and in very good working condition. I do have one program on my computer ImgBurn that will burn media it detects disks I insert and writes media to it. I have used this program before and after I upgraded it is the only program that will work. I have contacted Microsoft and they have tried over and over to fix this issue before finally telling me to contact Toshiba. So we contacted Toshiba via conference call only for Toshiba to tell me that no help is available because my warranty has expired and I will have to pay for tech support. So I ask the community is there anything I can do to restore my DVD drive to a working condition. The only thing I have not tried is going back to a earlier version of windows like XP. Only because I don't have it. Any tips, links, articles are welcome and much appreciated.