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Chicony "Webcam has either disabled or failed. Please check your webcam settings."

I have a Satellite A305-6905 with built in webcam and until about 2 weeks ago it worked perfect, now I get an error message "Webcam has either disabled or has failed. Please check your webcam settings."  I have Windows Vista, and have not upgraded or change anything, the updates that windows does are automatic so i'm not sure if maybe that could be the problem. Ive been searching in forums for a while now trying to find the reason why this happened and have updated the drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled. In the device manager the webcam does not even show up, their is no Imaging tab to click on and no program on my computer can find my camera. I have Windows Live, Skype, and yahoo messenger and none of them can detect a webcam. I reinstalled the Chicony software also, nothing has worked. This is so frustrating someone please help!