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Can't record music/sound I am playing on L655

I need sound driver that can record music i am playing. My new (someone else bought it for me), L655 dound driver doesn't seem to handle recording except for the internal mic which is usless for my purposes. Am I wrong about this? Can I upgrade to a better sound card/driver?





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Re: Can't record music/sound I am playing on L655

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Post your full model number, like Satellite L655-S5058. If not purchased in the USA, we need your product number, like PSK2UU-002001. This is on the Toshiba label on the bottom of your computer. What OS Windows 7 64bit or 32bit?


However, if you can play sound and if your mic is capable of recording sound, you don't need any other driver. In this case, I sincerely doubt there is anything wrong with your computer or its drivers. What you probably need to do is to use the right software for your purpose.


If you want to record CDs you are playing you can do this with Windows Media Player, but I think it'll only create wma type files, not mp3 files. I use RealPlayer Plus to convert my CDs to mp3 files. If you want to record streaming music you are listening to on the Internet, this probably wouldn't be strictly legal, depending on the music and its source. But, there are probably several pieces of software available on the net capable of recording streaming media, if you surf for them.