ATI/AMD Drivers

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ATI/AMD Drivers

Hey everybody!  My system is the Satellite L505D-GS6000.  The chipset is M880G Radeon 4200 HD.  I just want to know what the story is with our graphics drivers.  It looks like the most recent was posted in late 2009, seems a bit stone-age by now.  Smiley Happy  Has there been any word about updates lately?  


I've looked around the boards a bit and it looks like some people have had luck downloading the latest drivers from the AMD website, but that doesn't work for me.  After attempting to install version 11.2 from here,


it says there is a hardware incompatibility and that I should get the "latest" driver from Toshiba.  I was sure to uninstall my current driver beforehand so I don't know what's wrong.


Next I tried installing version 11.2 from here:


Once I did that and rebooted, it said that the Catalyst Control Center wasn't compatible with my current driver.  I looked in the device manager and the driver wasn't even there, just the generic VGA.  It sounds to me like I'm stuck with what Toshiba gave us. (8.634...?)  Any advice?





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Re: ATI/AMD Drivers

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Satellite L505D-GS6000


Yes, you're stuck with the Toshiba supplied driver on their download page. Toshiba is, fortunately or unfortunately, very slow to update their drivers, especially if there are no known problems with the last driver.


As you have found out, if you try to load drivers that have not been 'tweaked' by Toshiba to work properly with their other hardware, strange and unexpected things can happen.


The real question is, are you experiencing any real problems with Toshiba supplied AMD display driver? If you are, you need to be able to reliably replicate and document these problems. Then perhaps you can motivate Toshiba to update their driver.


Despite your feelings, which are indeed shared by many here, if you are not having any real problems with the Toshiba supplied driver, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'.



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Re: ATI/AMD Drivers

Hi Miker.  Thanks for the reply.


That's disappointing Toshiba won't update their drivers.  I have no bugs to report, but the fact is AMD continues to improve their product's performance years after release, and because we hung our hat with Toshiba, we see no benefits.  If Toshiba doesn't want to support their hardware, then I won't be buying their products in the future.


Anyway, I'm sure this topic has been done to death already. Smiley Happy  I appreciate your response nonetheless.