32' HDTV LCD w/ GeForce GTX 670 .. EDID?

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32' HDTV LCD w/ GeForce GTX 670 .. EDID?



I have a 32' LCD HDTV (32DT2U) as my primary monitor via HDMI to a GeForce GTX 670.  I am experiencing a very pixilated view on the TV.  The TV is set to 1080p and the resolution of my GPU is set to 1920x1080.  My secondary screen (a 23' monitor) is crystal clear.  


While watching YouTube videos on my TV, I set the quality of the video to 1080p (HD) and then my screen is crystal clear!  Once the video is ended the screen goes back to being pixilated.  Seems like there is a decrease in resolution.

I spoke with an EVGA representative and he mentioned to me about drivers and something called EDID.  This will apparently fix this issue.  


Can someone please explain and guide me?


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Re: 32' HDTV LCD w/ GeForce GTX 670 .. EDID?

While that TV will accept a 1080 signal, it actually has a 720p panel. You should try setting your resolution to 1360x768 and using the Dot by Dot mode setting on the TV.

- Peter