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Toshiba X400 will not record! SImple fix?

Well, I got this amazing looking Toshiba Camelio X400 for Christmas.  I downloaded the software to my Mac OS X, followed the setup instructions, and attempted my first recording.

I turned it on, battery full, pressed record, and all I get is a "bleep-bleep-bleep"

When I try playback, it says "no file" with a picture of a memory card...


Isn't there memory already inside the camera?


Anyway, I tried an SD card, formatted the card to the device, and same results.  "bleep-bleep-bleep" and failure to record.  I am usually tech savvy but honestly I don't know what to do.  Or where to start.  



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Re: Toshiba X400 will not record! Simple fix?

Problem solved. Defective battery.