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SBX4250 soundbar connection to HDTV

Not very tech savvy; Toshiba instructions showed connecting with HDMI cable - didn't work.  Went back to vendor, Best Buy, salesman said I needed a digital optical audio cable and sold one to me.  This cable did not fit the correct opening let alone any opening on soundbar.  Called Toshiba and rep said I needed analog cable (red/white).

Before I go back to Best Buy, can anyone confirm that the analog cables will work on my LG HD smart TV with Xfinity cable service?  Please end my frustration!!  Thank you.

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Re: SBX4250 soundbar connection to HDTV

The digital optical audio cable does in fact fit on the rear of the Soundbar. That's how I have mine set up. U have to look closely to make sure u are inserting it in the proper direction as it will only fit in one way. Use a flashlight if needed to see better. My frustration is trying to find out what the remote code is so I can program it to work with my universal cable remote control. I can't find that info anywhere. Hopefully Toshiba is reading these forums and help us out? Thanks