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HDD Password Problem

I have a Dell Inspiron laptop with a Toshiba ATA HDD.  Both the BIOS password and the HDD password were set by the previous owner, who gave them to me.  I wanted to remove the passwords.  I removed the BIOS password, and it still prompted for the HDD password (I had not seen where to remove that one in the BIOS, and I know it is on the HDD itself).  When prompted, I entered the HDD password which I knew, which was probably a user password, and it no longer takes that password.  It also would not take an empty password.  After 3 failed attempts it tries to boot (and fails, of course) and if you go into the BIOS, it says there is no HDD so I can't do anything about the HDD from the BIOS now.  This isn't a case of not knowing the password--I do.  Changing the BIOS system password somehow changed the HDD password, or at least prevents me from using the one I know.  What should I do?

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Re: HDD Password Problem

u still need help with passwrod?