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Canvio External problems...

So about a year and a half ago I purchased 


And of course, as others before me have, I have started to experience connector failures... I have to wiggle the cable around just for the computer to read it, and if I bump it whatsoever, it ends up disconnecting. This worries me quite a bit as I have data on the drive that I would rather not lose. The big problem I am running into now is not having anywhere else to store this data and no money to buy another drive to replace it with. I registered it originally for the warranty, but for some reason it's showing up as if I never did through support.


So my question now is this: Has anyone else ever had any experience with dealing with support regarding this issue and if so, were they willing to replace it? And if a Toshiba employee could back to me, that would be even better. I tried calling in but couldn't understand a word the 3 people I dealt with said... Help me please?

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Re: Canvio External problems...

For accessories such as the Canvio, you'd make a warranty claim at

- Peter
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Re: Canvio External problems...

Toshiba tech support is CRAP! First of all, it appears that Toshiba does not employ agents who can speak English, making understanding them problematic at best. And if the agent cannot understand what is being asked, she just hangs up. Then, the issue with the USB cable connection is a recognised one, and the only fix appears to be to have the unit replaced.  I bought the drive in question less than a year ago. What a PIECE OF **bleep**! To top it off, Toshiba says that in order to get the unit replaced UNDER WARRANTEE, the user MUST send in the defective unit. I have sensitive and confidential data on the drive... I DO NOT under any circumstances want that data disseminated by anyone other than myself. If I send the unit it, I am opening myself up to all kinds of lawsuits should an unscrupulous Toshiba employee choose to access it.


The problem with the drive is obviously well know by Toshiba, and yet they are making the users jump through hoops to get it resolved. I have purchased two Toshiba Satellite laptops, and two Canvio external hard drives... from this moment on, toshiba does not get one more cent of my business, and I will diligently spread the word of how crappy their products, and product support, are.