How To: Reset the Toshiba TLP-X100 Projector Lamp Counter

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The Toshiba TLP-X100 projector's manual doesn't say how to reset the lamp counter after changing the bulb. Consequently, every time the projector is turned on, a message appears stating that the bulb needs to be changed. How is the lamp counter reset after a bulb change?


To reset the lamp counter:

  1. Turn power off and unplug the power cord
  2. Simultaneously hold down these three buttons: "ON/STANDBY", "RETURN", "DOWN" (the arrow down symbol)
  3. Plug in the power cord while still holding down the buttons.
    The Projector will emit a series of beeps.
  4. Turn on power using "ON/STANDBY" button and check that "0H" appears on the lamp time in the status display.
  5. Turn off projector using "ON/STANDBY" button
  6. Unplug power cord.