LINK: dynadock™ Troubleshooting Guide

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Answers to the below list of issues related to the dynadock can be found here.


  • There is a blue LED (Power light) in the front of the dynadock. If the blue LED is not on, verify the following  
  • The blue LED is on but the dynadock is not seen by my computer
  • External monitor does not power on
  • No video on the monitor that is attached to the dynadock
  • The dynadock U3.0 icon does not appear on the Windows Taskbar
  • On a Toshiba laptop, the function keys FN/F5 do not work when I have the dynadock connected to external monitors. How do I toggle the display between the monitors / TV I have attached?
  • External monitor only shows a wall paper background
  • Extended monitor does not work
  • Video or game playback is slow or choppy on the external monitor that is connected to the dynadock
  • For optimal video playback performance
  • Fonts, characters and icons seem to be blurry and fuzzy
  • Cannot play video some files or DVD movies on a monitor that is attached to the dynadock
  • Cannot play a Blu-ray movie on an external monitor attached to the dynadock
  • Toshiba notebook, when playing a Blu-ray movie on the internal LCD computer the internal LCD is black
  • ATI Catalyst Control Center does not work
  • There is no sound coming from the external monitor
  • Sound does not work from the dynadock
  • Audio on the 5.1 audio jacks do not work
  • Why doesn’t the dynadock charge the computer’s battery and power the computer like a traditional port replicator
  • USB Port on the dynadock does not work
  • Dynadock does not charge my device (Smart Phone, MP3 Player, Cell Phone, etc.)
  • My real-time device (Web camera, microphone, or speakers) does not operate properly when connected to the dynadock
  • There are 7 entries in Device Manager (Windows 7)
  • There are two entries in Program and Features


Answers to the above list of issues related to the dynadock can be found at the following link:


dynadock Troubleshooting Guide