How to rescue files from a computer that can't boot into Windows

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If Windows is not bootable, how can files be saved before performing a system recovery?


One way uses a USB thumb drive with a live copy of Linux. Please note that Toshiba does not maintain these links; their targets could be changed or removed at any time. Toshiba does not officially endorse these utilities. Use them at your own risk.


1. Prepare a thumb drive formatted in FAT32. It doesn't need to be large. 256 MB should suffice.

2. Download UNetbootin to create the thumb drive.

3. Download a Puppy Linux .iso file for the operating system.

4. Run Unetbootin-windows-xxx.exe, and point it to the Lupu-xxx.iso file to create a bootable drive.

5. When you power on your computer, hold down the F12 key. That should give you the opportunity to choose the boot drive.

6. For some tips, scroll down to the following sections at this web page.

     Mounting drives and partitions in Puppy Linux

     Copying your files to external hard disk or USB flash drive