Dynadock U3.0 & Delorme Street Atlas 2012

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Dynadock U3.0 & Delorme Street Atlas 2012

New Qosmio X770 see attachment.

Dynadock 3.0


Delorme Street Atlas 2012 Plus


Delorme software run fine prior to loading drivers for Dynadock. Dynadock drivers loaded Delorme fails to start.

To fix Delorme software requires installing Dynadock drivers, installing Delorme software and reinstalling Delorme software. Now Street Atlas works but no Dynadock. Talking to Toshiba laptop support they sent me to acclaim.toshiba.com for Dynadock support, Dynadock support only supports broken hardware not software problems. 


Delorme says "

Thank you for contacting DeLorme Sales and Service. 


I apologize but there is a known issue with the display link driver for this software, and our Street Atlas 2012 Plus software. You can try looking for an updated version of this driver and see if that corrects the issue."


Just disappointing that no one will own this problem.


Dan Martin