Canvio 500GB NTI Backup Now EZ

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Canvio 500GB NTI Backup Now EZ

I want to uninstall NTI Backup Now.  When I try to uninstall, I get an error message: "Error reading setup initialization file".  I have re-installed the program and still get this message.  I really don't care for this program, it causes my laptop to lock up and I want to use the device for storage without the NTI program.  Can someone solve the uninstall issue for me?  Thanks!

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Re: Canvio 500GB NTI Backup Now EZ

I just bought a Toshiba Backup Drive and found NTI Backup on it, and I am debating whether to use NTI or get a different backup program.


When I check these forums and see serious questions like this one going unanswered, it makes me very nervous about relying on NTI for Backups. Is there a reason why this problem above is unanswered? Is it because the person with the problem got his/her answer privately from Tech Support? Even so,shouldn't the answers be posted here so as to reassure and benefit all of us?


Please respond so I can make a decision soon about whether or not to rely on NTI Backup.


Thank you.

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Re: Canvio 500GB NTI Backup Now EZ

Just my personal opinion...


There are lots of free programs I trust more, including these...


   Todo Backup Free by EaseUS


   Backup & Recovery Free by Paragon


   Macrium Reflect Free

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