How To: Dub (copy) VHS tapes to DVDs (DVR670KU)

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How do I copy a VHS tape to a DVD on my DVR670KU?


Follow these easy steps.

  1. Turn on the DVR670KU
  2. Press the DVD button
  3. Press Input Select button and choose "L1"
  4. Insert a blank DVD
  5. Press the Rec Mode button and choose mode (ex: SP)
  6. Press the VCR button
  7. Insert a VHS tape
  8. Press the Play button
  9. Press the Pause button
  10. Press the Dubbing button
  11. Allow the unit to automatically begin VCR to DVD dubbing and display "DB" on the front panel
  12. Press the Stop button when done

Complete information for dubbing is located in the User's Guide for your model. You can also view a more detailed Knowledge Base article describing dubbing in more detail at the link below:


DVR Dubbing Mode - Dubbing VCR-to-DVD / DVD-to-VCR / Camcorder-to-DVD/VCR