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Firmware for BDXK100KC blu ray player

where can i find updated firmware for this model ,as I cannot fiond it listed on site

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Re: Firmware for BDXK100KC blu ray player


     I have the same Blu-ray reader, so when I wanted to listen Battle : Los Angeles, the device were just unable to recognize the disk...  Erro message= " Unknown disk" and the tray simply opened each time I try it.  So when I realize that Toshiba has a real lack of support for this model; any search for BDXK100KC or BDXK100 will end in a terrible nothingness.  For that reason, I should say that Toshiba really disapointted me in that case.  Wow!  How could they just act that stupid.

      Sorry, I had to let it out...!  So, I finally find how to make it work.  I tried a risky method that works great.  No porblem at all.  Just use the firmware for BDX1100 instead and that will make everything fine.  How could Toshiba let there customers in such a void for such a little thing...


Hope that it will help...