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DR570KU DVD Recorder - Can't edit recordings

I'm using the DVD-RW as instructed.  I've changed the default setting to VR (very hard to find!).  The menu options are still missing.  How do I get SCENE DELETE, TITLE DIVIDING and TITLE COMBINING to show up? (No ADD TO PLAYLIST either, no Hide Chapter).  I really think I need a firmware update somehow.  Also can't figure out how to post on this list, just see reply options.  Not sure this will be addressed since it's with an issue labelled solved. 


I'd return it if there were something else available, but can't find it.  So sorry my Panasonic died.  It was terrific.


(Note this was also posted as a reply on the 620 model erroneously) 

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Re: DR570KU DVD Recorder - Can't edit recordings

If you can't solve your issue and no one in the community can help, contact support to speak with a tech support agent at (800) 631-3811.

- Peter
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Re: DR570KU DVD Recorder - Can't edit recordings

OK, I figured it out.  I didn't realize that disks are formatted automatically when they are first put into the recorder.  The ability to edit the disk has to be burned into the disk, which explains why the Video Record (VR) option is under the format option (I couldn't figure out why that was there).  So, though I changed the recorder to VR mode, I didn't know I had to then reformat the disks that had already been formatted automatically.  For those that don'e know, the options are also limited by the type of DVD, I went with the DVD-RW to maximize the options.  Thanks to the person who uncovered the VR mode.  Here's the rest of the story for those of us who need more details.


Finally I can stop writing down where I leave off watching a recording!