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DR430KU recording problem

I am trying to get my DR430 to record various shows on various channels while I am away. When I set the timer it works fine, only it records only one channel and I cannot figure out how to timer record different channels. Can this not be done with this product? It it can please tell me how. 

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Re: DR430KU recording problem

I didn't find a manual for your model but you can check page 38 of the 420 model's manual and see if yours works the same way.


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Re: DR430KU recording problem

The manual for the DR430 is consistent with the manual for the DR420 shown in the link provided in the other response.  As you probably know by now, the DR430 does not have its own tuner and cannot control the tuner on your cable or satellite receiver.  Therefore, timer recordings will follow the schedule you set, but only for the specific channel you set on your cable or satellite receiver before leaving. Unfortunately, it's not like the VHS tape recorders of years past which typically incorporated a tuner for TV signals broadcast over the air.  The absence of a tuner is indicative of the fact that most TV viewers rely on cable or satelliteI receivers that can provide access to hundreds of channels as well as pay-per-view and other services.  I suspect that the absence of a tuner makes it possible for Toshiba to sell a dvd recorder for the price of a DR430.