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BDX3200 3D Issue



I own a BDX3200 Bluray Player, and not able to watch "Ice Age 3 3D" and "Rio 3D". The movie run perfectly in 2D mode but the 3D had something such a timeshift between left and right eye.

What's exactly the issue... Usually the image for the left and right eye are a little bit different. The paralax is swifted to introduce the 3D effect. In both movie above mentionned, if a bird is flying, then the image paused, the left eye will see the bird wings horizontal and the right eye see them in a V shape. Faster the object moves and more the 3D effect is lost and the image looks like viewed behind the surface of a lake.


A friend of me using a Samsung Bluray Player, fix this issue by upgrading the firmware. Unfortunately, since 2011 december I've not found any new released toshiba firmware for the BDX3200.


Thank to anyone who know how to fix the issue.

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Re: BDX3200 3D Issue

It doesn't sound like there's a simple fix. I'd suggest contacting Toshiba Europe as that's not a US model.

- Peter
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Re: BDX3200 3D Issue

I'm having the same issue!

No firmware upgrades since version 25, (almost a year ago), and the player is still on sale on some markets!

Please fix this

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Re: BDX3200 3D Issue

I also have this problem. Certain Bluray 3D discs are unwatchable because of the severe ripple effect and distortion. I have contacted Toshiba UK support to try to get a solution to this problem.
There are postings on various UK forums complaining that the BDX3200 will not play many 3D discs correctly so I am very surprised that Toshiba UK seems unaware of the problem.
It is incredible that this player is still on sale in the UK when it has a known fault and it is very frustrating that there has been no software update to fix it.
If I do not get a satisfactory outcome from Toshiba UK then I will certainly take my complaint elsewhere. Toshiba should not be selling a product that is unfit for purpose and I am very angry that such a reputable company seems to be doing nothing to resolve the complaints.
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Re: BDX3200 3D Issue

Hi Oldbluey,


Do you have any news?


I have the same problem with same bluray player, and also I have problems with certain menus (I can not move through the menu).


The firmware Toshiba have is too old (2011 -->, so it is impossible to solve these problems.


I think we have to buy a new (but not Toshiba :smileyhappy:  ) bluray player. What do you think about?