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"Consider replacing battery"

Hello all,


So my laptop has a little 'X' over my batter icon that is flashing and when I move my mouse over it, it says to "consider replacing battery." I have never had this happen before but my battery has been progressively dying faster every time I use it off of the charger. Any thoughts or suggestions? Do I just replace the battery and the problem is solved or is this the start of an even bigger issue? Any advice is appreciated.



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Re: "Consider replacing battery"

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I would suggest buying a new laptop rather than replacing the battery because a battery can cost a few hundred dollars in some cases. Such phenomenon happens especially when you keep using the battery and charging a lot of times.Therefore, if you want to prolong the lifespan of the battery of your new laptop, you should take out the battery and use the AC power directly from the socket rather than leaving the battery in the computer itself as you may overcharge it. Only make use of the battery when you cannot find any electrical sockets nearby. Hope that helps.

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