my laptop wont charge when i plug in the charger

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my laptop wont charge when i plug in the charger

my laptop wont charge when i plug in da charger but the charger is functioning alright bt the charging wont show
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Re: my laptop wont charge when i plug in the charger

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Have you cleaned the contacts on the battery, as well as the ones on the notebook? While unplugged, for safety. It may or may not help, however it's worth trying. Have you also checked to make 100% sure that the battery is fully & properly inserted? It doesn't take much misalignment to cause improper charging and/or damage to the battery. 


Also, as batteries gets older, not only do they charge slower, the charge "holds" for less time. Right now, though my battery is 100% charged, it also has a 36% wear level reported, meaning that the battery is slightly over a third dead. However, it's been in use since 2010, that's not really bad, considering that the power on time is 198.9 days. I've seen worse. 


Too, if the notebook stays plugged in most of the time & the battery is seldom discharged, it's still going to lose life (wear level), as well as taking longer to charge. More so than if the battery is used daily. 


If you try any of these things & they do help, it may be good to run it down until it reaches the warning, then plug it in, shut down the notebook & allow it to have an undisturbed charge. 


This is all assuming that the PSU will run the computer perfectly fine w/o the battery installed & there's no damage to the cord, especially the end that plugs into the computer. 


One last thing: I don't know about Toshiba's, but with some other brands, over time, particulary if the cord is improperly removed (by yanking it out, or at an improper angle), the solder on the DC jack may loosen. Mabye not enough yet to cause it not run on AC power fine, but enough to prevent charging, or have just a "trickle" charge. I have seen this 25+ times on Dells & HP's, two of my own. Some of the older Dells, I could fix myself, but the newer ones are built to tighter tolerances. Thought I'd add that as a possible cause. Hopefully it's not the issue.


Try some of those things out I mentioned above & see what happens. A pencil eraser is good to clean the contacts with, some uses a small amount of alcohol on a Q-Tip to do it, if you do, don't use a lot & allow to completely dry.


Let us know how it turns out.


Best of Luck,