X205-SLi5 No lights, computer as dead

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X205-SLi5 No lights, computer as dead



Last night I was using the computer (X205-SLi5) to play. After 1 hour on a game, the computer turned dead as if the power had been cut (I heard a tiny beep as it did this). The light indicated to me that the computer was still on the AC and so I pressed the power button. Comp started again, windows told me it didn't start properly.... I play a different game this time, all is fine, but after about 1h, same thing happends.... However, this time there are no lights on the computer, and it won't respond to any press of buttons or attempts to turn it on.

The computer was hot (SLi running) but not especially hot.

Comp did not start this morning (left it unplugged all night).


So... turns off without warning, no lights, can't power on, doesn't seem even alive a tiny bit...


Any suggestions as to what to do?