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X205-S9349 Power adaptor won't stay plugged into laptop

Has anyone else had trouble with their power cord staying plugged into the laptop?  This thing is horribly designed, and I wondered if there was any kind of aftermarket plug that actually snaps or locks into place.  The stupid one we have only slides into the port barely more than a quarter inch and is expected to stay there??  Anyone have any ideas other than duct tape to make the darn thing stay put?  Other than leaving it on a flat surface and putting something heavy on top of the cord so it doesn't move?

Thanks for any input!! If that is what all the Toshibas are like, we will never buy another one.

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Re: X205-S9349 Power adaptor won't stay plugged into laptop

That design is better than most and works well, at least for the same unit my daughter is using. Do agree that the adapter is heavy and the mal e plug appears short-- but when properly placed into the unit it seats firmly. One has to take care in placement of adapter to ensure not dangle effect occurs--which will pull male 4 prong plug out of the unit. There is no after market insert I am aware of, and duct tape is a very bad idea.


This is of interest;  This Toshiba documents power adapter usage to avoid.