Toshiba Satellite Power Issues

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Toshiba Satellite Power Issues

My laptop is always plugged in (I know that's bad), a couple of times
when I tried to turn it on it wouldn't turn on until I unplugged it.
Once the power light turns on I would then plug it back and it would run
fine. Recently, I purchased a USB fan, but I can't recall if I had
this issue before I started using the fan. Well two weeks ago my laptop
wouldn't turn on, so I tried unplugging it but still it didn't turn on.
When I plug it in the light comes on indicating that it's plugged in
and that the battery is charging or fully charged. Also when I push the
power button with the USB fan plugged in the fan turns on for a second
and then shuts off. I bought a new battery but that didn't seem to be
the issue. So exactly two weeks later I wanted to test out my laptop so
I would know what to say when I took it in for repairs. When I tried
it with the new battery which wasn't fully charged, all that happened
besides the lights turning in on w/the exception of the power light, was
the usb fan started and stopped. I unplugged everything and switched
to the old battery. I plugged it in and the light for the battery was
blue, which surprised me b/c I would have expected it to be dead.
Nothing happened. Then I plugged the USB fan in and unplugged the a/c
adapter and pressed the power button and it turned on. When I plugged
the a/c adapter at first the battery light didn't even come on then a minute later battery light turned orange but now it's blue. I don't want to turn it off now for fear it might never come back on.

know I'm going to have to take it to be repaired but I'd really
appreciate any knowledge anyone might have.

When I would incur this problem with the it not turning on, when I pushed the power button the light did not come on but the fan would start then stop. I'm very ignorant about computers especially laptops, so I'm very curious why it turned on when I plugged the usb fan in.

Also, I just remembered during the two weeks it was out I unplugged it
and pushed the power button and once I attempted to plug it in the light
turned off.
Thank you so much.


And yes I did try to reset by holding power button down for several minutes.

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Re: Toshiba Satellite Power Issues

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If you can ever again get the laptop to run, find the user's manual, it is always included. Look at around pages 60 or so and read up on doing an "out of the box" reset. This is for no more than 3 year old Toshiba. You did not give any information at all on your machine and that does not help us at all to help you.


Do realise that here are no Toshiba techies, just persons of more learned level than you, all willing to help you but you have to tell us more, be very specific, saying that the laptop does not run is not much information.


Go to Start -> User Manual !  Where are you ? Different conutries have different models ! Do you have access to another computor ? You model is listed underneath the laptop, it is a group of at least 10 alphanumerics.


If it is still under warranty, take it back to where you bought it, this looks like a major problem.


At the top of this page, you can click on the Product Support or the Download and get your user manual. 


System recovery options

About 1.5 GB hidden partition is allocated on the hard disk drive for the

system recovery options. This partition stores files which can be used to

repair the system in the event of a problem.


System recovery options

The system recovery options feature is installed on the hard disk when

shipped from the factory. The system recovery options menu includes

some tools to repair startup problems, run diagnostics or restore the


You can see the more information about "Startup Repair" in "Windows Help

and Support" content.

The System Recovery Options can also be run manually to repair


1. Turn off the computer.

2. While holding the F8 key, turn the computer on again.

3. The Advanced Boot Options menu will be displayed. Use the arrow

keys to select

Repair Your Computer and press ENTER.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions from this point onward.


This is quoted from my manual, all Toshibas are close to being alike.   JP.