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Satellite s55-a5295 wont charge, wont turn on, seems to be nothing wrong?

Hello, a few weeks ago my Satellite s55-a5295 suddenly stopped charging at all and simply said "plugged in, not charging", then died shortly after. I feared that the motherboard could be the problem so I took it to a local computer repair shop and after waiting almost three weeks for them to even look at mine they opened it up and couldn't find any problem with the motherboard or anything other than the fact that the charger I was using had lower amperage than the original charger that came with the laptop which broke. I've bought the proper charger but that still hasn't fixed the problem. Any ideas on what it could be?

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Re: Satellite s55-a5295 wont charge, wont turn on, seems to be nothing wrong?

Try the Troubleshooting Assistant or the suggestions in this article.

What can I do if my Windows 8 laptop won't start?

- Peter
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Re: Satellite s55-A5339 wont charge, wont turn on, seems to be nothing wrong?

I have bought a new charger and that is working, I checked the charging port and that is working up to the motehrboard. I tried the trobleshooting guide up to the point it wanted me to buy a new charger. I have disconnected the battery and held the on button with it disconnected. I have reconnected the battery and pluged in the charger. The charging light on the front of the laptop does not come on and the laptop will not start. Is there something else I can try. Do you have the specs for voltage going ot the battery to make sure that it is correct? Thank you.

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Re: Satellite s55-a5295 wont charge, wont turn on, seems to be nothing wrong?

Peter...I hope you are still a may be my last hope to help me - Toshiba do the right thing.


I too have a C55 Satelitte laptop...acutally I purchased it for my 10 year old son. It is one month out of warranty. Last night for the first time, I used his toshiba laptop because I left mine at work. I notice his laptop had this same issue. I spent an hour reading on your forum and trying all the suggestions including the elaborate unplug, remove drivers etc in a particular order and it did not resolve the issue. Obviously this is a defect in this model. My son does not know enough about laptops to even recognize that it is an issue. I have had toshiba laptops for over a decade. I have never had this kind of an issue so I wouldnt even know to look if it was an issue initially.


It wasnt until last night when I had to use his laptop that I identified this as an issue. No problem, I thought, I'll call tech support and they will do the right thing. No go. I escalated 3 levels and they held their line saying that batteries are consumable and only rated for one year. I have a seven year old toshiba that I use at work that doesnt hold a charge that long but still works!!! This does not work at all - 0%...obviously a defect that unfortuantely my son doesnt have the skill set to have recognized.


Please Peter, if you are there...can you please see what you can do to have a new battery sent. They are 100.00 which is insulting to pay since it is clearly a defect for this model. Tech support even said as much.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I have purchased Toshiba laptops for my workplace for over a decade. I am shocked that they are unwilling to do the right thing.


Thanks in advance.