Satellite Pro C650 Doesn't Power up

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Satellite Pro C650 Doesn't Power up

I am looking at a friends laptop which he has bought about 1 month ago.

Its a Satellite Pro C650 Model No PSC09A-005019

When pressing the power button the AC/Batt light blinks orange 6 times.

Taking out the AC adaptor or battery doesn't allow it to power on either.

Any ideas?

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Re: Satellite Pro C650 Doesn't Power up

It's a power supply issue.  Call tech support and set up sending it back.  Make sure you send the power cord with it.  I had the same issue.  When I sent in my laptop they replaced the touchpad.  When I got it back the same issue was present.  I was pizzed and sent it back again.  They had to order a part, adding an extra ten days to the issue.  I'm still waiting, after three weeks without a laptop.  I am completely not satisfied with Toshiba.  The first time I sent my laptop in they sent me email updates and got it back to me in a week.  Now that I said they didn't fix my issue I've become lower than dirt to them.  No emails, no courtesy notifications... nothing.  I've emailed them a letter of dissatisfaction and I've notifed consumer reports.  It's pretty frustrating to think that so many people have the same issue and they don't even respond to the forums.  You'd think (my first problem) that there would be a technician monitoring these forums to assist customers, but it's every man/woman for themselves.


I won't be a returning Toshiba customer, these last few days of horrible experiences with Toshiba are intolerable.