Satellite L655-S5101: Windows 8 "No Battery Detected"

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Satellite L655-S5101: Windows 8 "No Battery Detected"



I just upgraded to Windows 8 on my Satellite. So far so good, except that whether or not I'm plugged in, Windows will display the 'no battery detected' icon, and seems to think I'm plugged in all the time (both in the desktop status bar, and in the Start screen UI). Despite this, the laptop itself still displays the LED for the battery on the front. I tried a suggestion on here of re-loading settings in the BIOS (the F9 key), but to no avail. While this problem doesn't prevent me from operating the computer normally, it will of course become a nuisance once I need to run off of battery, and end up with no clue what level I'm at.



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Re: Satellite L655-S5101: Windows 8 "No Battery Detected"

Try the steps in this article.


Battery not charging, not being recognized, or losing charge


It was written for Windows 7, so the steps to reach the Device Manager aren't applicable now. You can open the Device Manager by pressing Win+X and selecting Device Manager.

- Peter