Satellite L300 - Not charging?

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Satellite L300 - Not charging?

Firstly apologies for the probably very inane question.


I have a four year old Satellite L300.


The battery has been  very weak for a year or so, and I normally use it while it's plugged in and charging constantly.  I was using it this morning fine, and then I came back to find it had shut down.


I turned it back on and it died after booting.  It was plugged into the charger so I checked all the connections and turned it on again but it died while starting to boot, I repeated this approx 3 times and the same thing happened each time.


The light showing the charger is green but the battery light is orange.


Is it likely to be either the battery or the charger, or while it be a problem somewhere else  i.e. the actual laptop?  Could it have overheated as it was plugged in and on for approx 8 hours?


Thank you, I'm not very knowledgeable about computer products at all so appreciate the advice

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Re: Satellite L300 - Not charging?

When you say it won't charge, does it charge at all?

1. It indicates that it is charging, but as soon as you unplug your toshiba satellite l300 charger the battery quickly or immediately indicates it is dead. If the laptop is off, the LED on the laptop shows it is charging but the battery is always dead,

2. It is as if you didn't have the charger plugged in. No light on the laptop at all when the charger is plugged in.

Possible solutions:

1. The battery has died and is no longer capable of taking a charge. An alternate explanation if you can't even get the laptop to turn on even though the laptop charge LED is on, is that the internal power supply that converts the incoming and battery voltage to all the voltages required has died.

2. The power connector inside the laptop is a common failure point. The solder joints break from various minor shocks over time. This is going to become more common with lead-free solder as it is more brittle. Less likely is that the charging circuit inside the laptop has failed.