Satellite Click w35dt-a3300 will not turn on.

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Satellite Click w35dt-a3300 will not turn on.

The laptop was working today. I left it for a few minutes. When I came back there was a black screen and I could not get it to turn on. It was connect to the power cable. I checked the cable to make sure it was connected properly. Is it asleep or in hibernation? If so, is there a way to get it to turn back on. The laptop is only one month old. Your help will be most appreciated.
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Re: Satellite Click w35dt-a3300 will not turn on.

Try the Troubleshooting Assistant or the suggestions in this article.

What can I do if my Windows 8 laptop won't start?

- Peter
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Re: Satellite Click w35dt-a3300 will not turn on.

I had the same issue of nothing starting nor powering up at all so I looked into the User's Guide for Satellite ( and found on page 105 "Your device is not responding" how to apply a reset which is located in a tiny pin hole next to the Power button. I just used the Sim Card Silver Eject tool for my iPhone by inserting it in, pulling it out and once I hit the Power button voilà it powered up and started up successfully.

NOTE: This did not erase any of my files, programs nor software. Good Luck!

Here are the steps from the guide:


Your device is not responding

If you continue to have trouble after trying the steps above,

and the device will not shut down, use the Reset button,

located on the side of the device next to the Power button,

to shut down the system.

To use the Reset button:

The button is actually a hole that can be used to access the

button located inside the unit. Gently insert a slender object

such as a straightened paper clip into the Reset button to

force shut down when the device is non-responsive. Then

press the power button to restart the device. Never use a

pencil to press the Reset button. Pencil lead can break off

inside the device and damage it.

To locate your reset button, please refer to your Quick Start