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Satellite C655-S5082 Battery Not Charging

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Good morning.


I have a Toshiba Satellite C655-S5082 notebook. Lately, the battery does not recharge when I have the battery installed and on the AC Adapter.


If I physically remove the battery while still plugged into the AC Adapter and then reinstall it, then I can get the battery to pick back up and recharge.


But, it's getting annoying that I have to reseat the battery just to get it to recharge.


I bought the laptop refurbished in November 2011. No battery/recharging issues until this past month.


Could my battery be in need of replacement?  The Power charging graph in Ubuntu Linux says the total capacity is about 70-80% of what's considered normal.

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Re: Satellite C655-S5082 Battery Not Charging

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Good afternoon, an update here.


I had my adapter and battery tested at a Batteries Plus. My AC adapter was fine.


Turns out the battery was bad. Their recovery hardware could not even detect the battery.  One of the guys there said that the control chip inside the battery was trashed.


Battery ran me $86 after taxes (a third of the cost of the laptop).  With the battery replaced, my laptop can now recharge without me having to reseat the battery.