Power Issues with a Satellite A70-249

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Power Issues with a Satellite A70-249

I purchased a used Toshiba Satellite A70-S249 on Ebay a few months ago.  This the first laptop I have owned.  It did not come with a power cord so I purchased one off Amazon which was not a factory cord.  I was not aware that this would cause issues.


Anyway, my laptop worked great for a long time but now the laptop wont seem to stay on and I cannot charge the battery.  The light that shows both power going to the laptop and the battery charge flash on and off intermittently.  At times, the laptop will stay on for a couple of hours, other times it wont make it through the boot up.


So, my question is, what have I damaged?  I purchased another power cord and neither one will do the job so I am assuming that I have damaged something internally.  What is the name of the part where the power cord plugs in?  Could that have been damaged and is it replaceable?


Any information that can be provided would be helpful.  I will answer any questions if needed.  Thanks!


I would love to get this fixed and buy a factory AC Adapter to avoid future issues.  I have learned an expensive lesson in laptop ownership!