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P755 shuts down


I have a toshiba p755 s5120 for 3 months, it began to shut down by itself, sometimes after 2 hours of used, maybe 6 hours, some times it wont even began the windows system. i turn it on, one second and then shuts down inmediately.


I have done:

Disable USB on bios

All the turn off, hibernation, stand by turn to never, what to do on , do nothin on closing lid, do nothing on pressin power bottom.


Its just like a bougthed, with 8 gigs of ram, no new hardware and modifications.


any ideas?




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Re: P755 shuts down

If it feels hot when it shuts down, it may be overheating. Ensure you're not using it on a soft surface like a bed, blanket, or your lap. You may also want to blow out the fans and vents.


If it's not heat-related, you may want to contact customer support at (800) 457-7777.

- Peter
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Re: P755 shuts down

I have a similar issue that I have reported here on this forum.  Remove your battery.  While the unit is unplugged from the wall, press and hold the on/off button for 5-10 seconds, then plug the unit into the wall and turn the unit on.  You most likely will not have any issues while the system is on ac power.  The problem occurrs when the battery is attached to the unit.

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Re: P755 shuts down

what causes this?  I am having the same issue!!

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Re: P755 shuts down

Any more info on this?  Happens to me too.  Will a new battery fix the issue?  I was going to try to get a warranty repair, but I'm 2 weeks out of warranty!

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Re: P755 shuts down

I have same issue on my toshiba p755-s5269 this problem is caused by the membrane power switch button (very poor quality). it's a common defaut on toshiba satellite. i will never buy a toshiba again.

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Re: P755 s5120 shuts down

I have had my P755 s5120 for a few years and several weeks ago my computer started randomly shutting down. I have ran several test looking for software issues and hardware issues and have truned up nothing. I have now narrowed the problem down to the power switch only to find out that you can't purchase a replacement switch, not to be out done I decided to see what I could do to fix the problem. It turn out that the bubble type flexible metal sits on a small pc board wrapped in a clear tape folder over on itself.


The problem is, the sharp round button digs into the pc board and wears through the protective layer because of use and digs into the copper run (wire) creating a random short that will get worst the more you use it.


The fix is simple if you are willing to dig into your laptop. After opening up your laptop and exposing the switch, take a sharp knife and seperate the top layer of tape from the bottom layer. Be careful and pull the top layer away far enough to expose the button and pc board. With tweezers remove the button and put it in a safe visable place. Cut a small piece of clear tape and put it over the area that the button has cut into exposing the coper run, this should be only on one side, do not cover the entire area or the switch will not make a connection and not be able to start or shutdown. Now put the button back in place, seal the top layer of tape back to the bottom layer and use another piece of tape to seal the edge just in case the original tape does not hold well. Put your laptop back together and your computer will work like it was new with no more random power downs and up.This took only 10 minutes or so to fix after I got the laptop apart. You can search youtube to find out how to dissamble your laptop.


Some of you may wonder why the computer shuts down when the switch is shorted, this is hard coded in your bios so that if you hold the power button for 5 seconds it will power down, this is there in case your computer freezes up and provides a way to reboot.


Hope this fixes your problems the way it fixed mine.


Blessings, Dennis.