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No power to laptop,,

I plug in charger to my laptop.I'm sure that power goes in to charger but no power goes in to laptop to recharge the battery or power up the system.Sometimes when I plug in the charger the power indicator on the laptop blinks for a seconde and then goes off.


My laptop is a Qosmio x305-q705.

please help me.thanks

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Re: No power to laptop,,

I found the problem. I think my battery has something to do with it I have to remove the battery plug the power cable to laptop and then reinsert the battery this way everything will be just fine.

Any idea what is causing the problem?

I expected more from toshiba I posted this thread about 12 hours ago but I didn't get any answer may be supporting the customer is not your specialty? :smileymad:

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Re: No power to laptop,, need to locate a dictionary and read what a ''forum'' relates to.  Those of us who willingly give time and expert advice based on many factors encompassed do so freely.  We assist where possible to helps others! If you need actual Toshiba tech support locate an Authorized Service provider, or use or call (800) 457-7777.  Highly possible that the battery pin alignmnet is out of sync, could be also the power adapter pluf has frayed wires-please check, and look how the plug is inserted into the laptop--too much play?