Laptops turns off..

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Laptops turns off..

I have a satellite A305-S6859


Laptop turns off or restarts... it does this randomly when I have a/c plugged in and when i dont.. and if I take baterry out and just a/c plugged in, it does the same thing. If it manages to get windows to boot... i could spend quite sometime on it before it powers off but other times it about every 2 min...


I was told that it could be the "internal power supply" now... I am a bit tech-savy, I do know my way around pc's but laptops are a whole different story. Is there any manual/guide that can help me take it all apart and check?

should I just take it to a repair shop?

could the problem be something else?


dont really have that much $$ to spend on this.. that is why I try to fix this myself


thank you Smiley Happy

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Re: Laptops turns off..

Good job on the diagnostics. So the computers turns off and on, both on AC and battery power. Also you get the same results if the computer has been on for hours or just a few minutes. My feeling is that what you are seeing is not power or heat related.


What you may be seeing could be related to your software. Maybe you have a virus, spyware or some type of malware causing this issue. I would have you backup all your files, music and pictures, etc and have you run the Recovery disks. This would give you a clean software load and help you with the diagnostics. If the problems come back, it's not the software. Which brings you right back to the hardware.


Toshiba is really strict with their service manuals. I blame the lawyers. Anyway, the only people that are able get Toshiba service manuals are Toshiba-trained and authorized technicians. Having torn apart a couple Toshiba laptops in my time, I will tell you that except for the hard drives and DVD drives, almost none of the parts are anything you'll find at Radio Shack or some other electronics store. Your best option would be to visit a Toshiba Authorized Service Provider (ASP) and get them to run a diagnostics on your computer. I'm sure they'll charge for the diagnostics, but they should also be able to give an estimate on the repair too.