Laptop turns off when charger is unplugged!

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Laptop turns off when charger is unplugged!

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My problem is that my Satellite laptop automatically shuts down when the charger is unplugged.


Last week I was having problems with the charger so I bought a new one, so after a painful week with no internet (lol) when I finally got my new one I was soooo excited to have my lappy back!


Now the battery icon, when I hover over it, it does say "plugged in, charging" but it has been stuck at 33% for the past hour or so I have had it on.  Now as I said, any time I try to unplug the charger, the laptop shuts down completely, well i should say shut off! im not getting the "windows is shutting down" screen, it just dies out completely!


After a bit of internet searching, I have discovered that basically, hundreds of thousands of people are also having this problem, some blame an old faulty charger (but mine is new) some blame Windows Vista (Which I am on, but people with XP have had this problem also)


Now when i had the problem with my old charger, the only way I could get it to charge was to fiddle with the wire and after a while (sometimes it had to be forced up against something just so I didn't have to hold it in the same position just to check my emails) but the very last night before it died completely when my hand moved (as it refused to charge with the force) when the charger knocked off, the laptop turned off with it, I just figured it was cause the battery was dead (hence why it was charging)


Has anyone found a solution to this problem or should I just give up on toshiba? lol